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Introducing influencers and music artists to their target audience on Instagram.

Over 600 Instagram campaigns since 2017!

Targeted, Organic Instagram Growth!

If you're looking to buy instant fake followers, this ain't it!

Your account will be promoted across a huge network, closely related to your niche. It’s like having a large group of people saying how cool you are. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on rocket-fuel!

Instagram Mother Child Growth Method

We increased our client's
Instagram followers by over
10,000 followers in 30 days!

Instagram Growth Results


Mother Child Instagram
Growth Method


Promotional DMs
and Post Sharing


Themed Accounts
in Your Niche

How It Works

1. Choose Your Target Audience

Let’s make sure you get the followers you want! You will choose your target audience by answering a few questions on our onboarding form.

  • Your Instagram Username
  • A list of accounts followed by your target audience
  • A promotional message, or reasons why your target audience should follow you. It’s as simple as that!

2. Set Up Your Growth Campaign

Your campaign manager will allocate an authentic promotional network and optimize a strategy, tailored for your unique campaign.

The best part? We use our own network of accounts to promote you, so we never require access to your account. You don’t need to perform any mass actions, keeping your Instagram account safe!

3. Start Promotion

Our Mother Child Instagram Growth Strategy is designed to share your profile to 1000s of potential fans daily, primarily through direct messages and post sharing.

In approximately 3-5 business days of setup time, your network of accounts will start reaching out to your target audience utilizing follows, likes, and direct messages.

This will be performed daily, in the most organic way possible. Using authentic accounts to promote you, with themed profiles closely related to your niche. It’s like word-of-mouth on rocket-fuel!

4. Real Followers

Having your own promotional network of Instagram accounts is one of the safest and most organic ways to grow your Instagram business.

You will receive targeted followers, who will follow you because they are genuinely interested in your account.

Your Instagram account gets a steady flow of legitimate, high quality followers who are actually interested in what you have to say and offer.

We will share monthly reports, and a custom Google Sheet for agencies to track progress. All this is designed with one goal – to give you back the time to actually concentrate on your business, while we handle everything else!

Instagram Growth Plans


Monthly Plan
$ 350
  • 500+ Followers Guaranteed
  • Est. Growth Potential Up to 1,000 Followers
  • 100% Organic Growth


Monthly Plan
$ 600
  • 1,000+ Followers Guaranteed
  • Est. Growth Potential Up to 2,000 Followers
  • 100% Organic Growth


Monthly Plan
$ 1,200
  • 2,000+ Followers Guaranteed
  • Est. Growth Potential Up to 1,000 Followers
  • 100% Organic Growth