What we offer is an alternative to unfriendly, bot Instagram services.

We provide subscription services of high-quality likes and organic followers from real users and outstanding customer service that you won’t find elsewhere.

Rocket Safari likes are from real users so we don’t offer instant likes, it depends on how much of our community are available at a given time.

Gradual likes and followers support a natural growth pattern rather than receiving them instantly. Furthermore, we have a large community that is constantly expanding with new, qualified accounts. From small businesses, personal accounts, influencers, even a few verified profiles! Every post will receive a different set of likes, further improving your trust score.

Real Instagram likes, organic Instagram followers, and Instagram video views.

Instagram Likes

Rank higher in hashtags, boost your engagement, get on the explore page with authentic likes from real users!

Instagram Growth

Instagram Followers

Let us build your personal network of Instagram accounts. A network with a single purpose – to promote and grow your main Instagram profile!

Remove Ghost Followers

Remove Ghost Followers

Boost your engagement! Choose from a list of your followers who haven’t posted in 6+ months or mass followers who follow > 4,000 users.

Frequently asked questions


Anytime. The last thing we want is an unhappy customer. All we ask if you let us know a few days in advance. No hard feelings, stop and start anytime.

We work exclusively with Stripe. We’ve found Stripe to be the most secure and cost effective option for both customer and merchant dealing with various currencies.

You will be able to create a encrypted payment profile with us and authorise recurring payments. However, we will never be able to view your complete payment information.

  1. Please contact support if you are an existing Rocket Safari subscriber for a lifetime loyalty discount.
  2. New customers can opt for quarterly or bi-annual payments with reduced rates after the first month.

Rocket's Growth Service Questions

We make sure to keep below Instagram’s limits to keep your account safe. You have to be extra careful when warming up. For this reason, it might take a few days to see results. You will see greater results, the longer you are with us.

We use tried and tested methods that have worked for years with our own twist. We will slowly warm up, follow, unfollow, and like targeted users based on your sources. We will also perform human actions such as browsing the explore page, watching stories, and visiting profiles to ensure the account maintains a high trust score.

Every action is performed on a physical mobile phone, every phone has their own sim card with a unique 4G IP. We keep within Instagram limits. We can mute/unmute users if you want to keep your feed clean.

We do all of the hard work for you.

It’s not safe to use bot services anymore. So if you are running a business or creating daily content, who has time to engage with hundreds of accounts daily to achieve the same results? Since June 2019, Instagram restricted limits to combat automation. We keep a close eye on new updates to keep your account safe.

No problem. We’d recommend updating your target sources once a month. You can do so by communicating with your account manager. We can also do this for you.


Email [email protected] for 24/7 customer and sales support.

We pride ourselves in having the best customer service for high-quality likes on the market. You can also contact us on Instagram ​@rocketsafari, we might be busy during high demand but we are always online!