11 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for brands. In 2021, the social media platform has 1.074 billion users worldwide. But to reach your audience, you need Instagram followers. The best way to achieve this goal is through Instagram marketing. Here are several tips to improve brand awareness on the popular social media site.

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Optimize Your Bio

Use emojis, spacing and all the available characters to optimize your profile for your brand’s niche with related hashtags.

Try adding a relevant emoji at the start of every line to make the Instagram Bio more digestible.

Additionally, make sure your page’s photo is instantly recognizable for your brand. Unless you’re the face of your company, consider using your brand’s logo as your default profile image.

Optimise Your Instagram Bio

Switch to a Business or Professional Account

Business profiles on Instagram have more options than personal ones. For example, you can include a company phone number and address to help drive local Instagram followers and increase conversions.

Grow Your Instagram Account

Build a Content Calendar for Consistency

You can do everything right, such as optimizing your bio, working with influencers, and completing all other Instagram marketing steps to build your following. However, you won’t see progress if your posts aren’t consistent. Create a calendar to stay on top of posting. Review your profile’s statistics to find the best times to post. For example, if your target audience includes young adults, making several posts on weekends between 6 am and 11 am, you won’t reach them. Is it difficult to post at a specific time to get to the audience? Use a scheduling app to send out content at particular times. This step can also reduce the time you spend on social media platforms and improve your overall production.

Work with Influencers

Your most loyal customers are your best Instagram marketing tool. These followers are already engaging with a large audience. Leverage their popularity to convert those followers to your page. If mega-influencers are out of your budget or experience level, consider working with micro-influencers. These accounts are in your niche or industry and have between 10k and 100k followers.

Utilize the Power of Cross-Platform Posts

Long gone are the days of MySpace where individuals kept to one platform (mainly because it was all that was popular and available.) Instagram is a Facebook product, and it allows users to toggle between the two brands. Additionally, many users also participate or at least browse other platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Share your Instagram posts to your other social media pages to boost your Instagram likes and followers.

Use Instagram Reels

The latest tool from Instagram is gaining in popularity. Use reels as part of your Instagram marketing strategy. The 15-second videos are ideal mini-clips with custom audio and other filters that can dramatically increase your following on the popular social media site. This technique is also excellent for cross-platform posts with TikTok and vice versa. Just remember, keep the videos short, or you’ll lose your follower’s attention quickly.

Choose the Right Hashtags

After optimizing your profile is an excellent step, but it’s not enough. Every post you make needs to include hashtags. You can increase your brand’s influence with a single hashtag. However, it’s better to use more than one with each post. The key is finding the sweet spot for your audience. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post and ten on stories. If you’re not sure what’s popular or trending, do some research before adding hashtags to the post. Make sure to replicate the hashtags when reposting on other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Create Authentic, High-Quality Content

Whether you’re talking about blogs and landing pages on your website or social media posts, content is still king. Unfortunately, poorly written and irrelevant posts can kill your Instagram likes and influence faster than any other Instagram marketing mistakes. If you’re having trouble deciding the best content for your profile, browse competitor pages. While you should never copy it word-for-word, you can use it to guide your future posts. For example, you see another local brand is running a contest that puts followers in the running for brand merchandise when they share a post. Take this information and create your own giveaways to increase followers, likes, and traffic to your website.

Focus on Your Captions

Pay attention when creating captions for your images and videos. Don’t skimp with words here. Try to use the maximum or at least a good portion of the allowed characters to boost the quality of the post or story. Watch your grammar, spelling, and include links to your brand’s website to improve organic traffic and help boost your search engine results page ranking. Also, make sure to add relative hashtags. The proper caption and hashtags can improve sales. Statistics don’t lie—2019 Facebook survey found 80% of Instagram users made their purchase decision after viewing a relevant post.

Go Live Regularly

You don’t have to complete live videos daily. Instead, it’s best to be spontaneous during the times you’d generally make standard posts. These steps show your Instagram followers that your brand’s account is monitored by a person and not a bot. It also creates an emotional connection that can help improve sales and leads. However, even though the live video is spontaneous, pre-plan the content. With only 15 seconds to record and three seconds to grab viewers’ attention, every word counts. This technique can also help you engage more with your followers. When you go live on Instagram, your followers receive an in-app notification. Even if they don’t watch it live, it’s an excellent way to get likes well after your broadcast.

Engage in Your Instagram Community

Don’t just post without engaging with your Instagram followers. Make regular posts. Use relevant tags. Post during the times your audience is available. And most of all, join in the conversation on your posts and those of influencers and complementary brands. The key to success is staying active. Don’t limit activity to your own posts. Make sure all your content is relevant and exciting to boost Instagram followers and likes. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so it’s essential to do it right the first time. You may never get a second chance.

Try the Mother Child Instagram Growth Method

This method will help your brand expand your audience organically with targeted followers.

You’re not purchasing followers. Instead, the service works to promote your account in your niche to help you gain a like-minded following. Results are consistent but not instant. It takes about a week to start seeing real progress.

Use these tips to boost Instagram followers. However, if you don’t have the time to invest in social media marketing, consider hiring an Instagram growth service. A professional agency such as ourselves can help you achieve its brand awareness goals faster. Sign up today to see how we get you on the right path with your Instagram account.

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