Grid Patterns For Your Instagram

First impressions are everything on Instagram. A new visitor to your feed will judge your Instagram profile based on the first 9 or 12 pictures they see, and many will not scroll any further.

It’s why many Instagram users like influencers, coaches, and brands devote so much time to curating their grids and ensuring that each post appears to be part of a single, subject collection. It’s why most users are also hesitant to publish something to their feeds as it might depart from everything else on our grids (and yes, people will notice).

Having Instagram users view your profile is an opportunity to express yourself and, hopefully, get a follow! But, what does your brand say about you? Planning your grid should encourage people to follow your account. It is recommended that when it comes to the profile of your Instagram, the look you should focus on is a professional approach that is clearly well put together. If a profile grid is all over the place, it might discourage a new visitor to follow or spend more time on the profile. It really is that important!

And so, the key is consistency. Thus, making a strong brand identity that would make your brand memorable, visually appealing and recognizable, converting your visitors to followers.

With Instagram being a visual platform, it is suggested to remember that first impressions should be taken into consideration. You are free to post whatever you want, in whatever order you want. But, to new visitors, your feed may appear random – no theme, no color coordination – giving the idea that you don’t know what you’re doing!

So, to help you with planning your Instagram feed, we compiled the best list of grid patterns you can try out for it. The top 4 best grid patterns for your Instagram:

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The checkerboard grid pattern is one of the most popular grid layouts, as it makes your grid simple to organize and schedule posts. This basic design consists of changing between two distinct content categories, each of which has a different solid color background and written text (such as quotes) in the same font and color.

If you plan on using a lot of photos, you can alternate between an image and a solid color with words, or a solid backdrop and an image background!

Checkboard Instagram Grid Pattern


The “lines” style is another popular layout design among marketers and Instagrammers alike. You’ll want your feed to look like it has either a vertical line with two specified content categories or groups of horizontal lines with comparable content types for this one.

If you wish to post text-based information in your feed, vertical lines are ideal, while horizontal lines are ideal for product launches, panoramas, and other “grouped” content.

Lines Instagram Grid Pattern


The border layout template is more likely to be used by minimalist brands, photographers, or influencers, although it can also be used by others. Simply add a border to your Instagram photographs or text-based posts to emulate this look. Borders in black or white are some of the best choices, but if your business employs a bright color, go for it!

The main advantage of this grid arrangement is that it is simple to plan and implement. You’ll need to make sure your borders are the same size for each post, which you can do with easy-to-use applications like Canva.

White Border Instagram Grid Pattern

Color Scheme

The last grid layout suggestion on our list is possibly the most widely used, and you can eve combine it with another such as checkerboard or lines for a mixed color scheme!

For this grid pattern, you’ll use a color palette or tone range that consists of one or more colors (though ideally no more than four) throughout your content!

Color Scheme Instagram Grid Pattern

Your Instagram grid may tell a story if it’s put together carefully and deliberately, which gives visitors to your profile a reason to follow you. This is why you need an appealing Instagram grid layout to make a significant visual impact on your followers.

So, when you pick one out of these 4 grid patterns we’ve given you, make sure it’s based on your ease of following it. For every post you share, make sure to preview it first before posting. Now, that’s a first impression that lasts!

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