5 Ways Instagram Presence Helps Your Business

Instagram is the platform of choice for many businesses and public figures when it comes to marketing. It provides great access to the aspect of the business that you want to show, which is why you should consider doing Instagram marketing today.

Here are 5 reasons why your Instagram presence helps your business:

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When you scroll through Instagram feed, you see pictures and videos. These are perfect to convey your stories and will help greatly with driving up engagements. You update people on your brand with smiling faces and people who actually exist and are living their lives. As the market is being more focused on the consumers, making your business feels personal and relatable is the key. This is why Instagram is doing so well.

Not only that, the “Story” feature encapsulates the organic aspect incredibly well. You are able to show the audience what you are doing in real time. And due to the exclusivity, people will want to engage with your brand to see what you’re up to. With the recent updates, Q&A’s have become possible, allowing for another way your audience can reach you.

Visual and text seamless integration

Although texts are still integral to how we communicate, images and videos are much better at it. They capture our attention much more firmly and can convey a feeling or vibe much more effectively than a text. You can easily edit an image to present your ideas and make it consistent throughout every platform it is displayed on. Plus, People can read engage with the image, then move down to read the caption and comments to get a better picture of the brand. It’s very simple.

Unmatched reach

With its astronomical user count, Instagram has a reach that no other social media platform has had before. Hundreds of millions of people use Instagram, and the number is only growing. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether your target audience is on it because they are almost guaranteed to be there.

Hashtags are also a good way to engage with a group of audience, but be sure to make it relevant and to the point. Avoid looking like a spammer on IG is what you should aim to do.

Interactive platform

As mentioned, IG allows for a great variety of communications between one user to the other. You can like, comment, direct message, share via dm, and even interact with them if they are live streaming or posting an interactive story.

By managing your media exposure well, you can drive up engagement like no other platform. Plus, your product promotion can be done much more effectively on IG, as people are always interacting with you and your brand. This leads to our next point.

Instant, relevant feedbacks

Feedbacks are instant, concise and easy to keep track of. People who are following your brand’s page is often those who really care about the brand, and your products are more likely to be something that affects them personally. This is why feedbacks from social media platforms are important.

Every encouraging message or a criticism that calls for improvement, these comments need to be tended to. Pay attention to what your audience is saying about your brand and make sure they are answered. You don’t have to personally reply to every message, but it sure helps to answer a few. By making your audience knows that you care, people will be less likely to churn away.

As you can see, IG is a powerful tool that your business will surely benefit from. If your brand’s IG page is still empty or non-existent, then you should get building. It won’t do you any harm to have a presence on the highest traffic social media in the world!