Avoid These Mistakes on Instagram

Instagram is at the top list of social media platforms people go to for their online presence, and to connect with others online.

It’s important to follow the right steps, so you get more follows from the right people!

So, what’s common things on Instagram are considered a mistake? Here are some we recommend addressing:

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Disclaimer: This post is generally subjective, not all mistakes will be mistakes in your niche!

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Not Using a Searchable Name

You don’t always have to put your full name on your Instagram profile. Just put your first name, nickname, or name you want to be called and add in a keyword related to your business or niche.

For example, you can use:
          ☑️ Iza | Instagram Marketing
          ☑️ Marco | Fitness Coach
          ☑️ Amanda | Social Media Manager

Having a searchable keyword in your profile makes it easier for your target audience to find and follow you. So, go on and improve your display name on Instagram now!

Having an Irrelevant Bio

Not optimizing your bio enough is a big mistake, again when you want your target audience to find you through search. Your bio is one of the most essential factors in your Instagram profile, both in search and to attract the right audience. It lets people know what you do, who you want to help, where else they can find you, CTAs for your services or products, and so on.

So if you have an irrelevant bio with just one to two keywords about you, you need to upgrade. Try four compelling, unique sentences starting with an emoji to make it easier to digest!

Not Showing Up Consistently

People are less likely to follow accounts that are outdated, such as having posts that are months old. They might think you are inactive!

You should try to consistently show up on your account. Have at best daily feed posts. At best, keep daily short behind-the-scenes of you and your business in your Stories. Make people feel that you’re active and always giving value.

Bonus Tip: Try to batch create and schedule your content, so you know you won’t miss a day.

Posting Different Brand Identities

Instagram is all about feed visuals. It allows you to show your creativity through your brand identity. But, people find it hard to recognize your brand if you’re sharing multiple brand identities – such as if your graphic posts have different color palettes and font types every time. It gets confusing and hard to recognize!

It’s important to get clear on what your brand identity is. Your color palette, your brand tone, your graphic templates, your creative feed. Having clarity on your brand identity makes it memorable and easier for people to recognize your brand.

Not Being Personal

People often follow accounts because they know and get attached to the person behind it. So, show your face and get personal.

Showing your face on your Instagram can actually help you create a connection with your audience. It makes them trust you more easily as they know there’s a real person behind your account.

Ghosting Your Audience

Just because you post every day, doesn’t mean you will grow. You may have daily posts on your Instagram, but if you are not interacting with your audience, then you’re missing out.

Have you replied to comments from people on your previous posts or the one you just posted? Did you engage with the most recent posts of some big accounts in your niche?

Stop posting and ghosting. Be more active when it comes to interacting with your audience. Ghosting is one of the top things you should stop doing, as this can impede your Instagram growth. Strengthen the connections with your audience and the algorithm will reward you!

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Instagram has been the platform for businesses, influencers and entrepreneurs for many years. Yet, many are still not optimizing to give them the results they need to succeed.

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