The Benefits of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram and its success

With the rise of various social media platforms that focus on different user experiences, marketers have to adapt to these new platforms. Among the social media, Instagram is one of (if not) the most potent marketing platform out there. IG provides the users to interact with one another through features that people know and love. It puts heavy emphasis on presenting users with visual images instead of texts, which is why it’s so proficient at creating a connection.

This sense of connection is the reason why influencer marketing is so effective on IG. People feel like they are really interacting with their favorite celebrity because these influencers are putting their daily lives out for the public to see, which makes them feel more genuine. The Story feature is also very popular among marketers, as their products can be shown to be interacted with, and advertisements can be seen more easily by users. It’s the feature that’s responsible for the rapid growth of IG ever since its conception. Also, the organic reach of the platform is the reason why IG is the platform that users spend the most time on. The future is incredibly bright for Instagram.

Two types of influencers

There are two main types of influencers: the micro and macro influencers. Each has their own pros and cons that will need to be looked at closely when you’re deciding which influencer you should endorse in your campaign.

Typically speaking, macro influencers have a wider audience and reach, and their voices are listened to by more people. However, the level of loyalty their followers have might not be as high as the micro influencers who have their own niche group of followers. They also differ largely in their pricing, so you need to consider your strategic goal and budget to make the best decision.

Not only that a well-executed influencer strategy will earn you more organic reach, conversion and ROI increase, it’s also very helpful for your SEO rankings as well. Having organic traffic around your website is a good way to let Google know that you are a trustworthy website, and your influencers will draw a lot of traffic to your website and build a loyal following.

The Benefits Of Instagram Influencer Marketing

Now that you know the general premise and functions of influencer marketing, here are more in-depth details of why you should consider using an influencer marketing strategy on Instagram.

1. The trust of the audience for your influencers = the trust for your brand

Influencers with an engaged, loyal following will share a small portion of their audience to you with every mention. The more trusted and respected they are within a given industry, the more impact their message will have.

Each influencer is perceived differently by different groups, but more importantly, you need to know how the followers of your influencers of choice perceive the influencer. Knowing the nuances and the relationships between each influencer and their followers is an important part of the entire marketing process.

2. Creating a shift in buying pattern

An Instagram influencer is able to reach a large number of followers with one post. If the influencer is able to effectively appeal to their followers and make a difference in their buying behavior, then an influencer is a huge asset for their endorser. This is why it’s important for marketers to be the one who is going to choose the right marketer for their company. It helps to ensure the best result and more ROI.

3. Side-stepping adblocks

Adblock is a problem for every marketer on every platform. It prevents an advertisement from being seen by a valuable prospect, but this is not the case for an influencer. Adblocks will not block out paid promotions by the influencer since they are posted within their organic content.

4. Optimizing your brand’s SEO

The impact of SEO on modern business is undeniable. As mentioned, influencers will help drive the traffic to your website organically, which is something that search engines highly value. The increase in reach will be trustworthy and high-value traffic. If the traffic to your website comes from an untrustworthy source, Google will take notice of this. It might result in your website not being promoted, which is not something that you want. This is not a problem you have to worry about when it comes to an influencer, because they should be authoritative links that are trusted by Google, thus, it improves your SEO rankings.

5. Hyper-targeted ads without having to make content

Social media are always optimizing themselves to promote the right content for each user. An influencer has already established their fan base and a group of followers, which means that you don’t have to struggle to create a name for yourself. For example, if your brand sells pet equipment, you can make a partnership deal with an established cat page with devoted followers. You won’t have to make your own content and the traffic will be coming in from an established and targeted source.

How to see results

It’s not a guarantee that you will be successful even if you run an influencer marketing campaign on IG. You need to understand the market, tools, and audience to make it work. You can’t expect to use any influencer to advertise and endorse your product and hope that it will pay off. You need to do a market research, find out who your demographics are paying attention to, understand why that is, and focus on that. This will leave a more lasting impact on the decision-making process of your audience.