How to Drive Audience Engagement on Instagram

Instagram, or IG, is a highly interactive, visual-driven social media platform that is one of the most populated in the world. Due to the nature of the platform, advertising and marketing can be done much more creatively than the traditional ones. If you are planning on making an IG page, or are still doubting it, then let’s take a deeper dive to consider why you might want to do that sooner rather than later.

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Numbers don’t lie

It takes a little bit more than simple analytics to measure engagement, but it can be done. You need to consider who is seeing your posts and page, and how they are going to interact with the content. 60% of social media influencers believe that IG is the best platform for user engagement, and that’s a large margin from Facebook, the runner-up, with 18%. Knowing this, it’s important to know why IG is so effective at driving engagement.

What makes Instagram such a great platform for engagement?

Mobile Optimized. 

You might have heard the term “mobile optimization” before, and if you’re not sure what that means, then take a look at how IG does it. The platform allows the best navigation from mobile devices, which is why it’s so prominent. Digital media users are spending more time on their phones, and IG is one of the major reasons why.


IG is driven by visual and audio content. Short clips and interesting images of people around the world act like an actual window that allows you to look at the lives of people. With its simple navigation from these windows, people enjoy looking through them. This is proven by the dedication and engagement of its users.

Innovative design. The alternatives to IG like Twitter and Facebook are more text driven. Moreover, navigating through Facebook is somewhat more complicated. On the side of Twitter, its simplistic approach to is quite similar to that of IG, but it’s more about expressing a thought rather than presenting an image. Plus, the demographics of the IG users are younger on average when compared to those of the other platforms. This makes it a special place for younger people to interact.

UI/UE oriented development. Instagram is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Nothing of its feature requires you to do anything specific. Plus, you can share IG posts to Facebook if you want to, allowing for another layer of easy access. It’s not intended for a specific purpose, which means that you do a lot of different things on the site. This is why you can find such a vast variety of content on IG because it allows for a vast array of creativity to be displayed.

Driving engagement

Here are a few things you can do to increase engagement:

In addition to joining our automated engagement groups of course!

High-quality photos and images.

Make sure that whatever you post is high-resolution. It’s not a professional look when your page has unintended pixelated images on there. Learn the fundamentals of photography and art designs to make better composition for your photos.

Concise posts.

IG isn’t like other media, you don’t need a lot of explanation for what you post. Just let the images do the talking.

Organic call-to-action. 

Call-to-action is something that you can motivate quite simply on IG due to the personal feel it has. Businesses can appeal to the audience without seeming like a looming presence, but more of a person that they are interacting with. When people enjoy your content, it’s much simpler for people to like what you’re providing. And this is what IG does exactly.

Reward your fans.

Your products, when presented on IG, has a lot more weight than when it is presented on Facebook. Use this to your advantage by rewarding your audience with a giveaway. The chance to win a substantial prize is something that drives the excitement of your fans up by a lot, and this is great for engagement.

It’s impossible to deny that IG has become one of the best platforms to promote your business. Not only that it provides a chance for a great marketing, but it’s also good for engaging with your audience as well. If you haven’t created an IG page, maybe it’s time to do so.