Get Found by Your Dream Audience on Instagram

With so many users on the Instagram platform, many of them tend to believe that it gets harder for brands, businesses, and creators alike to be found by each of their dream audiences. But, it’s actually not!

It’s easy to be discovered by your dream audience on Instagram if you have the RIGHT strategy. So, if you want your ideal clients to find you, you need to make sure you do your best in these 6 key areas, so your account can show up when they search:

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Searchable Name

The first thing that comes up when people search on Instagram is the user’s display name. And, it’s one you should take note of. It’s essential to include a searchable niche-related keyword in your name.

For example, if your niche is Instagram marketing, you could just include your first name or nickname then add ‘IG Marketing’ like this: “Iza | IG Marketing.”

Including this searchable keyword makes it easier for your dream audience to find you as they would most likely search for your niche.

Searchable Instagram Username

Searchable Username

This is an extra step to help you get found by your dream audience. Including your niche into your username can make your profile be more searchable.

For example, if your niche is related to fitness;

  • @girlsonfitness
  • @freshfitnessfood
  • @ellayogalondon

The more clear it is, the more likely you will appear to your ideal target audience.

Descriptive Captions

You can maximize your Instagram posts by inputting descriptive captions related to your niche.

This makes your post more likely to appear on the Explore page for users who have previously expressed an interest in topics related to the keywords added in your caption.

Relevant Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags, related to your niche, posts, and target audience makes it easier for your dream audience to find you on Instagram.

We recommend using a mix of popular hashtags (over 1 million posts) with more targeted, niche and post relevant hashtags (often less than 200k posts) to increase your chances of appearing at the top of hashtag feeds.

Instagram Hashtags

Alt Text

Alt-text is SEO-friendly, so it’s better to add alt-text to all your posts. Your Instagram posts are even searchable on Google, not just on Instagram.

To do this, visit “Advanced Settings” before you share a post.

Alt Text Instagram

Location Tags

Tag your location, or even your target locations, to get found by your target audience.

This is helpful if you are a local business.

Instagram Location Tags

Increase Your Instagram Followers

With more real and targeted followers, your profile will be higher in search. As well as being present on other Instagram user’s following lists and recommended users.

At Rocket Safari, we can help you to achieve this with our “Mother Child Instagram Growth Method”.

Doing these 6 points could actually get your Instagram profile found by your dream audience. And, this would just be like your roadmap to getting found on Instagram as this one is the strategy that many will be looking for in the future.

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