5 Helpful Tips to Plan Your Instagram Content Calendar

In the marketing world of Instagram, what’s a better way to market yourself, your brand, or your business? A rock-solid and consistent content schedule!

Don’t miss out on consistently showing up online. Being consistent with your content not only means you show up your brand or business, it also strengthens the connections with your audience and boosts your chances of getting reaching more people.

The Instagram algorithm rewards accounts receiving consistent engagement and shows your content more often to users engaging with your account on a regular basis.

Instagram Marketing

Avoid missing daily content uploads, use content calendars to save you time! Content calendars will help you plan your Instagram content in advance, and schedule posts ahead of time.

Content calendars are easy to plan. What you need are the tips to help you plan better.

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Get well-versed with a variety of Instagram content

There are different kinds of Instagram posts you can share on the platform. Using a healthy mix of all varieties will help to diversify your content and keep things fresh for your audience.

  • Standard photo and video posts. You can share a single photo or video. For example, a picture of you, your team, your location, your product, or a graphic post.
  • Carousel posts. You can share photos or videos up to a maximum of 10. Encouraging people to stop from scrolling their feed and curiously swipe through the pictures or videos you posted!
  • Stories. These are not posted on your feed. They are available for 24 hours, giving viewers exclusivity to view your stories. But, they’ll be available for as long as you want them if you save Stories in your highlights. You can share anything in your story. Popular things to share are behind-the-scenes of your daily life, something extra your audience wouldn’t normally see, or just random stuff you feel like sharing.
  • Reels. The TikTok of Instagram! You can edit photos or videos. And, just like TikTok, you can add music and effects to customize your posts. Reels is a strong contender for getting more reach on Instagram! Moreover, Reels can display in your feed, and your followers can access your Reels through a Reel icon on your profile. Read our recent blog post to get “7 Ideas for Instagram Reels”.

Know what the BEST days and times are for you to post

Now you’re well-versed with the types of Instagram posts, it’s time for you to analyze and get to know which is the best day and time for you to post your content. If you’re not too sure about the day or time, it’s still best to post some form of content on your Instagram at least once a day. Scheduling a post or Reel for each day of the week has the best potential of producing positive outcomes.

Instagram Marketing

Schedule your content with the right tools ahead of time

After you’ve analyzed the best days and time to post your content, better get ahead and schedule them. Scheduling your content by batch-creating them will save you time for the next weeks or months. And, you can use the Facebook Creator Studio to schedule your posts on Instagram!

Add relevant hashtags in the first comment

Hashtags can help you reach new audiences worldwide. Add relevant hashtags in the first comment of your uploaded post. This keeps your caption clean and enable your target audience to focus more on the content!

Keep in mind that you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags on one post. So, better keep it below 30 to make sure the comment is valid.

Here are 60 Hashtags for Photography to get you started.

Strategize with analytics

Your performance analytics are key to making your social media posts more effective. Best practices are helpful, but data directly from your target audience can offer you a better picture of their preferences and engagements with the post.

Check the performance of your posts using Instagram’s Insights function. Insights are only accessible if your account is a business or creator. If that’s the case, you can access them through your profile or the upper-right menu on the application.

Instagram Marketing

When checking your insights, better to ask yourself these questions to guide yourself into planning a better strategy for your posts in the next month:

  • Which posts have the best performance? What was different about them?
  • Which posts didn’t perform well? Why?
  • What days and times were the most effective for performance?

Creating an Instagram content calendar and analyzing the performance of your posts will make sure that the valuable content you post resonates with you and your audience. Use these tips to maximize your reach and save time planning.

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