How To Batch Your Instagram Content and Save Hours

Instagram can change the game of your business! But, it’s not always easy.

Your social media strategy takes time, thought, and energy when it comes to maximizing your impact of sharing valuable content to your audience without ever missing a day. This leads you to spending so much time planning your strategy in brief spurts whenever inspiration only strikes.

So, what do you need to do to save hours?

Try sitting down and focusing on monthly content batching all in one day so you can save tons of hours, time for the next few days and get to post consistently.

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How to Batch Your Instagram Content and Save Hours

What is Content Batching?

Content batching is when you create an entire set of content for a week, a month, or two, in one sitting. In short, you essentially create a lot of content ahead of time!

This technique is effective when it comes to growing your account because it takes away the stress of rushing and creating things every single day to post. Doing content batching guarantees a more cohesive feed for your Instagram.

How to Batch Your Instagram Content?

Now, when it comes to content batching, everyone’s process would be different. But, we can give you 5 easy steps to know how to start it:

- Identify your Pillars

Your content pillars are a list of everything you wish to share on your Instagram. These can be 3-5 topics that best suit your brand or your niche that you aim to post about on a regular basis.

For example, as a music artist, you can have pillars such as songwriting, singing, and behind-the-scenes. You can also post about your love for fashion, fitness, and anything you like.

Having established content pillars can help you become more organized and never run out of content!

- Brainstorm Content Ideas

Writing down all your content ideas and things you would want to see in your Instagram feed is one way to get started if you have a lot of ideas in mind. 

You could consider creating a “series” content so you can continue to make it in different, fun ways. Or, you can do exciting and engaging skits. 

Just don’t be afraid to write down all of your ideas and let it all flow out and then just choose which ones you like best!

- Create a Content Calendar

Planning and organizing your content calendar comes after writing and establishing your content ideas and pillars.

You can easily create a calendar on Google Docs or Canva, or anywhere you want. Per day on the calendar, write down what type of content you want to post on that day and plan out what post type it would be.

Would it be a picture, reel, carousel, or video?

- Match Visuals, Captions, and Hashtags

After the content calendar comes the actual creation of your content — all based on your content ideas and pillars in the calendar.

Take videos, schedule photo shoots, film when you’re out, come up with captions that speak to your brand, and have running lists of relevant hashtags based on your pillars.

Then, you match them all together with your captions and researched hashtags!

- Schedule your Content

Now, content batching is the best way to save hours of time planning your Instagram content since you can schedule them via various scheduling platforms.

And, scheduling allows you to pre-plan your grid so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of your Instagram. Once you’re done scheduling, you’re all done. You can just batch content again for the next month or two.

Content batching is a no-brainer. Become more productive with a more consistent content-oriented Instagram, and it’ll almost certainly make all of your social media management a lot easier!

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