How To Define Your Instagram Niche

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The strategy you use to engage with your audience is often determined by your Instagram niche. And for this to work, your profile and content should be relevant to your business or brand, allowing you to simply communicate what you do and how you do it. Essentially, everyone should be able to navigate your Instagram profile with ease, discovering all the useful information they require.

When it comes to defining your Instagram niche, many users get lost and confused about it. Some are too vague and general in their content, they become hard to find and lost in the noise. But, how do you even define your niche?

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Content Themes

This should be fairly straightforward, and it lays the foundations to defining your niche.

You should have an idea of what content you want to share. For example;

  • Business
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Food
  • Fashion

These are overarching categories which are a good start, but it helps to get more specific, especially when trying to stand out from the crowd.

Solve a Problem

The next step to defining your niche is to be clear about what problem you are solving for your audience.

What value are you offering, and how does your content improve the lives of your audience?

Here are types of problems you might solve;

  • How to find clients for your business
  • How to travel on a budget
  • How to take professional photography
  • How to cook delicious meals
  • Or, simply to entertain and better the lives of your audience through enjoying your content.

It is recommended to state how your audience will benefit from your content in your bio.

Instagram Bio

Target Audience

When you know what problem you are going to solve, you should have a basic understanding of who you are speaking to.

Here are a few things you should know about your target audience;

  • Top locations
  • Age range
  • Interests
  • Gender

If you already have followers and an Instagram Business or Creator account, you can get a good idea of the demographic of your audience by viewing your Instagram Insights.


Finally, you should know your competition.

Think about what other accounts are sharing similar content. Knowing this can help you find out what works, provide inspiration, get an insight on what types of followers they have (it’s likely similar to your target audience), and potentially collaborate with like-minded peers in your industry.

Understanding these 4 must-knows can help you clearly define your Instagram niche and make it easier for you to get your business and brand out there through targeted strategies such as the Mother Child Instagram Growth Method.