How to Get More High-Quality Likes on Instagram

There are many ways to get likes on Instagram but not everyone can get high-quality likes for their Instagram posts. This is important because Instagram’s algorithm rewards posts with higher authority likes. Especially those from popular accounts.

Here are a few ways, you can get more and higher-quality likes on Instagram.

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Quality Over Consistency

It can be tempting to rush a post to keep up with your schedule. But if you take the time to create quality content, you will get better engagement. Sounds simple, right? Even if it takes a little more time, it is much better to focus on the quality of a post rather than just posting it for the sake of having daily posts. Try not to share consecutive posts in the same environment or with the same theme.


Posting daily stories will keep you fresh in people’s minds and if your audience interacts with them, they are more likely to see your next post.

Also, posting Stories on Instagram will allow you to share a bit of your daily personal life and personality, connecting more deeply with your followers.

Be Genuine

You may want your feed to be flawless but it’s OK to be honest if you’re not feeling great or up to posting at all. Your audience may relate to you and bond over shared grievances.

It is also good to share more personal posts in captions or to document a completely ordinary, boring day. We’re dynamic beings and it’s important to show that, as often times we forget.


Make use of polls, linking, tagging, locations and the other Instagram tools that are there for engagement. Give your followers the full, interactive experience, while getting more exposure. Focus on creating good content and communicating with your loyal followers. It doesn’t do much good to stress about the people you aren’t reaching if you aren’t tending to the people who have already chosen to follow you.


Take advantage by using niche-relevant hashtags. Use relevant hashtags that your target audience are likely to be following, not only on your posts, but also on your stories.

The more likes you have, the easier it will be to get in the top posts on your chosen hashtag.


Write captions that will spark interest, conversation and inspiration. The amount of time people spend on your post will affect the algorithm. Also, if you’re able to encourage conversation then your post is more likely to trend.


Because the amount of time people spend looking at and interacting with your posts affect the algorithm, posting a video will give you more engagement. People spend more time watching videos than reading captions or looking at photos.

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Automated Engagement Groups

Power likes, engagement groups or like reciprocation groups should be considered, as it can gain you more likes on Instagram and it will help your posts to reach more people.

This is especially beneficial when you take advantage of hashtags because with an extra boost of likes, your posts will rank in the top posts with ease.