How to Measure and Track Your Instagram Analytics

News flash: your follower count doesn’t equal to sales or potential reach. Your success on Instagram shouldn’t be entirely measured nor tracked by the number of followers you gain. You may have thousands of followers, but do they interact with your posts? Are these followers converting to customers?

Here are key Instagram metrics you should use.

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Direct Messages

The number of DM (direct message) requests you receive is a strong indicator of your influence. It’s usually the highest effort action your audience can take. But, don’t count any spam DM. The requests should be inquiries or those that sparked an interest in your services or products.

If those accounts do convert to become your clients or customers, be sure to ask them how they found you to gauge your effectiveness.

Keep an eye on your DM requests! You never know, but there might be potential clients messaging you for your service or product.

Instagram Analytics

Profile Visits

Profile visits are a good indicator of how well your content is performing on the explore page and through social shares.

Or, in our case, the performance of a growth campaign.

A high % increase of profile visits = good performance of the campaign.

A low % increase of profile visits = bad performance of the campaign.

Profile Visits

Number of Website Link Taps

The number of people that click on your links shows if your promotional efforts are paying off and if your community trusts you.

If you aren’t getting enough taps on your links, it’s time to revise your strategy, and your CTAs, and build trust with your audience.


How many screens can you reach with the content you share?

This is an important metric because it will tell you the true reach of an account (not just total followers).

Post Interactions

Likes, comments, saves, and shares. When you get high levels of interaction from Instagram users, the more likely Instagram will share your content with others.

You can see your post interactions in your analytics. Filter by most to least interacted posts to get an idea of which content you should continue to offer and which you should avoid doing in the future.

Post interactions don’t always equal to conversions, so it’s important to value other metrics on this list.

Instagram Analytics

Measuring and tracking your Instagram is essential if you are using Instagram as part of your business strategy. So, it is best to learn how to measure and track your Instagram to know what kind of strategies you should refine.

Everything on social media is data for you to interpret, test, and improve until you hit your goals. Remember to use organic and targeted growth strategies such as the Mother Child Method to not only grow your followers, but to build loyal and engaged fans that convert.

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