How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers

If you have a big account (good for you!), but if only a small percentage of these followers are actually interacting with your content, it’s like having a sports car… that does not run.

Sure, it looks cool, but when someone wants to take it for a spin, you start pulling out the excuses. It’s important to improve the authenticity of your account even if you’ve never purchased followers so that brands trust you with their marketing budget!

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How to Remove Ghost Followers on the Instagram App

To make this process easier, we recommend doing an account analysis of your followers.

Rocket Safari offers an account analysis service which delivers a spreadsheet including all of your Ghost Instagram Followers. You can choose from;

When you have analysed your followers and found the low quality accounts, you will want to go to your Instagram App and navigate to your follower list. Then simply copy or type in each username. Instagram will give you an option to remove the account as a follower.

How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers

TOP TIP: Do not search on the Explore page, remember to search for these users on your own profile.

Removing followers is much better than blocking accounts. This simply removes the account as a follower. The account will not be notified and if they choose to follow you again, they can.

TOP TIP: Remember to type in the entire username if the account is not showing. Ghost followers, especially inactive accounts, will not be suggested to you quickly.

Alternative Strategy: Reactivating Ghost Followers

You might not want to remove everyone!

An alternative strategy is to reactivate these followers by interacting with them.

You can DM them, reminding them why they followed you. Or offer them something new. Maybe you have a new lead magnet you want to share such as a free guide or online course?

Or, you can like and comment on their recent posts. Hopefully they will return the engagement!

Doing so, will increase the chances of Instagram showing them your posts in the future, more than the other accounts they are following. This is more likely to happen if they respond by replying to your DM or liking and commenting on your posts which will strengthen the connection.

TOP TIP: This strategy works best for Mass Followers because Inactive Followers may no longer be using their Instagram accounts.

How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers

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