7 Ideas for Instagram Reels

Instagram has its own version of TikTok called Reels, and it’s the secret to viral growth on Instagram! Like TikTok, it lets you create, record, and edit short (ranging from 15 to 60-seconds!) engaging video content.

When creating a Reel, you can either use pre-edited videos from your camera roll or film video clips on the spot. You can also use draw and text tools and add Instagram Music or a voice-over as your Reel’s audio.

But, what’s the secret to having more views on your Reels? Well, the Instagram algorithm plays a part in it, favoring Reels that are:

  • Trending. Using popular music and audio.
  • Entertaining. Those that grab your attention and keep users on the platform. For example, funny or visually appealing Reels, in sync with the music!
  • Inspiring. For instance, trend-starter Reels to which people join!
  • Experimental. Something new, that intrigues your audience!

Enough about the algorithm. We’re here to talk about content.

When starting on Reels, it’s essential to have good, engaging content ideas and clear goals! Do you want to reach a wider audience? Showcase your content and products? Or give enjoyment and laughs to other people?

Here are 7 ideas that can help you create content for your Instagram Reels:

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Join the Trend!

Trends come and go, but they have the best traction when it comes to reaching wider audiences. One thing to know about trends is that they only use one viral music. If you join at the right time with a good Reel, you can gain thousands of views.

Another thing you can do is by scrolling through the explore page and see what other creators, influencers, or businesses are doing, and jump on with it! Or, create a very original idea with your dance, challenge, or hashtag (but don’t forget to encourage your followers to join it, too!)

Be careful not to join a trend too late! You will get more visibility when it is up and coming, rather than when there are already lots of Reels with millions of views positioned in the Top Posts.

5-Minute Craft-like Videos!

Yes, it’s more of the “how-to” videos you often watch. People love to watch how-tos. But Reels only allow you 15 to 60-second videos, so you need to get creative!

You can use the mid-length duration of 30 seconds and let your creativity do the work. You can create how-tos on storytelling or even how-tos for having cool transitions on Reels and more!

A Day in Your Life!

People are curious about other people’s lives! How can you make use of this? Post snippets of your day in your Reels!

You can edit together just pictures of how your day went or videos if you feel like it. You have the freedom on how to be creative showing your day.

Show Behind-the-Scenes!

Again, tapping into people’s natural curiosity. You can show behind-the-scenes of your business or brand, like the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur or an influencer!

Enhancing the FOMO!

People have FOMO, “fear of missing out”. One way to use this is to show clips of things you know that people miss out on.

Your Reel could be about a very delicious and satisfying food (with the ASMR) or traveling to an exotic, new location!

Dance to the Beat!

This is one of the most-tried-and-true video ideas, getting you to reach wider audiences. You can also get to show off your dancing skills! And, there’s a daily new dancing trend. So, that’s a bonus point!

Show Off Your Mad Talents!

There are different and specific niches in the Instagram community where people show off their incredible, unique talents and interests. Fret not because you can do it, too!

You can show off your mad skills in painting, organizing, or drawing. You can choose what you want to show!

Instagram Reels are one of the best ways to increase your account engagement and awareness. The best way to use Reels is to maximize its feature and capability to let you reach international audiences and one day make you viral. And, you can do this by either trying one or all of these ideas!

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