Earn Recurring Monthly Income: Instagram Subscriptions

It’s truly the content creator age as Instagram, one of the most well-known platforms for creators, will be letting you earn natively on the platform with recurring, passive monthly income through the new feature, Subscriptions. You can now monetize your Instagram by having your followers subscribe!

So, what happens if you subscribe to an Instagram account? Followers subscribed to a creator gain access to subscriber-only content, which comes with a monthly charge. 

But, there is so much more to this new monetization feature that Meta will be releasing.

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Instagram Subscriptions

What is an Instagram Subscription?​

Instagram Subscriptions are a new monetization feature for creators, in which subscribers pay a set amount of money to gain access to private content on the platform. Essentially, creators can deepen their relationships with their most engaged followers and increase their recurring monthly income with Instagram Subscriptions.

So, will you still be able to access the creators’ main content even without subscribing? Yes, original content remains the same, and non-subscribers will continue to have access. As a follower, you will still be able to browse your favorite influencer or content creator’s profile and enjoy their free content, but you will not have access to additional private content unless you subscribe!

Instagram’s users who have purchased a subscription will receive exclusive content from the content creator. Instagram, like other platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, seeks to reward content creators and allow them to profit from their work. Finally!

Instagram Subscription Rates

According to the latest Subscription feature beta test of Instagram, content creators and influencers can set their own subscription rates ranging from $0.99 up to $99.99 per month.

Instagram Subscription Access

Content creators will be able to share exclusive posts on their profiles with subscribers who have paid for the service. However, Instagram has not yet decided on the eligibility requirements for this subscription service.

Based on past features (such as links in stories), we can expect Instagram will set certain minimum standards once this feature is released, such as required a Creator account.

Instagram Subscription Content Formats

If you’re a content creator who’ll be maximizing revenue potential with Instagram Subscriptions, you might be asking: what are the content formats you can include in subscriber-only content?

  • Exclusive Stories. The new Instagram Subscription feature allows you to create Stories that are only visible to your paid subscribers. This content format is akin to a tool that currently exists: stories for close friends, which allows the accounts on your list of close friends to see your Stories.
  • Exclusive Lives. On Instagram, broadcasting lives is one of the most popular new features. Only paid subscribers will be able to access Subscription Lives. It’s a fantastic approach to engage with them on a more personal level!
  • Subscriber Badges. Subscription packages on social media platforms frequently include badges. It’s a way to set your subscribers apart from non-subscribers. Each subscriber will receive a badge on Instagram that identifies them. It essentially gives a sense of belonging, rewards and builds on your Instagram community.

The most awaited Instagram feature, Instagram Subscriptions, a powerful way to monetize your Instagram with recurring monthly income! Read more on Instagram’s official blog post.

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