Mother Child Method Explained

There was a time when you could follow hundreds of accounts and get hundreds of follows in return a few hours later. Even if you didn’t know what you were doing, you could get some followers!

But… Instagram growth-hacking has evolved.

These days, you have to be part technician, social media guru and part magician. And that is just to make sure your Instagram account is safe. And then you have to run your ACTUAL BUSINESS! Yeah, that thing that you want to advertise through your Instagram accounts. That thing that actually pays your bills.

What if we told you, you can continue to grow insane amounts and focus on creating content while keeping your account far from risk of suspensions, blocks or even bans?

That’s right, no more spamming on your main channel. No more following thousands of accounts. No more action blocks.

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Mother Child Method Explained

What is the Mother Child Method?

The Mother Child Instagram Growth Method shares your profile to potential fans through promotional direct messages, sent from themed accounts.

One of the best things about this method is it doesn’t require access to your account and you don’t need to perform any actions, keeping your Instagram account safe!

With our service, we use pre-warmed up themed accounts as closely related to your niche as possible. These accounts, often 100s per campaign, are used to share your profile with your target audience. Here’s what the accounts will do;

  1. Follow your target audience
  2. Like posts of your target audience (helping to warm up the connection)
  3. Send direct messages to your target audience from our network of accounts
    • Promotional message with a CTA; a recommendation to follow you
    • Share your profile card
  4. Promote your account on Instagram Stories
    • Share your most recent posts
    • Tag your target audience (hidden tags)

If it is managed well, this Instagram growth service can deliver thousands of new, targeted and engaged followers every month! It’s like having a large group of people saying how cool you are.

Rocket Safari Analytics Instagram Follower Growth

Here’s What the Instagram Child Account Method Will Do for You

Having your own promotional network of Instagram accounts is one of the safest and most efficient ways to grow your Instagram business.

No more follow/unfollow, DM’ing or comment spamming that can land you in some hot waters, or worse – get your account banned.

If there is any risk, it is ENTIRELY taken by the accounts in your network. Your Instagram account gets a steady flow of legitimate, high quality followers who are actually interested in what you have to say and offer.

No stress, no following up with the latest Instagram bugs and tactics – you get an organic growth service with no effort from your side. And we don’t require access to your account!

All this is designed with one goal – to give you back the time to actually concentrate on your business (while we handle everything else).

What Type of Accounts Are Used for the Mother Child Growth Method?

With this Instagram growth strategy, it is best to use themed accounts with high quality content to promote your account. The account themes should be familiar and closely related to your niche. For example, a travel blogger would have travel related accounts promoting them which appear similar to repost pages. A music artist might have music news related accounts promoting them with content such as tour dates, album covers and music artist photography.

Why used themed accounts?

Faster setup time. We profile, warm-up and stock 1,000s of high quality accounts in popular niches such as the music, fashion, food, and travel industry. This means we can get started on each campaign quickly with relevant, tried and tested accounts.

Authenticity. The accounts used to promote our clients appear to be real accounts, made by fans, curators, bloggers, other influencers, or shout-out pages.

Flexibility. When a campaign needs a boost or an upgrade. We can do this quickly without having to wait weeks to create new accounts. This gives us a level of certainty that we can grow accounts and over-achieve the guarantees.

Privacy. The child accounts are in stealth-mode! In addition to authenticity, our themed networks maintain our client’s public reputation because they appear to be separate, third party accounts, similar to shout-out pages which are relevant to your niche.

Mother Child Method Accounts
Mother Child Method Accounts

Are Instagram Followers Guaranteed?

Every client is different and results can vary wildly for each campaign. However, you should try to work with an agency which offers a guarantee, so you have peace of mind, and you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting for your money.

Rocket Safari offers a follower guarantee for every growth plan. If this is not achieved, we simply offer a partial refund or additional days of service at no extra cost.

Instagram Follower Growth
Instagram Follower Growth
Instagram Follower Growth

Does the Mother Child Instagram Growth Method Work for Everyone?

This method is a vehicle to get your profile in front of thousands of new Instagram users daily. It’s important to demonstrate clear value from your bio to your posts, whatever the niche, in order to get followed by the new visitors to your profile.

If your target audience are not interested in your account, they simply won’t follow you! We recommend our clients to read our free Instagram guides for tips on how to improve their profile and maximize the efficiency for their campaigns.

The most successful accounts are typically models, travel bloggers, food bloggers, music artists, and other popular influencer themes.

For product based businesses with a sales focus, it will be more difficult to convert visitors to followers. To manage your expectations, every account will be reviewed before payment is taken. If we don’t think your account will grow, we will discuss this with you before going ahead.

For real, active and targeted Instagram followers. Let us build your personal network of Instagram accounts. A network with a single purpose – to promote and grow your main Instagram profile!

Your network of accounts will target users relevant to your niche and drive traffic to your profile. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on rocket-fuel.

In other words, let us do the hard work for you – setting up accounts, proxies, phone numbers, content, captions, settings, maintenance… literally everything.

We handle the entire network and use it to promote your account. Choose your Instagram growth plan and sign up today!

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