Mother Child Method: Why You Shouldn’t Pay Per Child Account

We are going to answer one of the biggest FAQs of our popular “Mother/Child” Growth Service for Instagram. “Why we don’t sell per child account?” and you will learn why you should avoid agencies who do.

The Mother/Child Method (also known as the “Mother/Slave” Method) is a way to rapidly grow your main account with targeted, real Instagram followers who have minimal incentive to follow you other than they show genuine interest in your brand. Think of it as a personal network of Instagram accounts. A network with a single purpose – to promote and grow your main Instagram profile! Find out more, Mother Child Method Explained.

The difference between Rocket Safari and our competitors is that we don’t use automation software. This means we don’t need a tonne of bot accounts, we don’t need to constantly replace them, we don’t have to spam your audience to get results and we don’t need to deal with automation blocks.

What’s the purpose of this service? To grow your account with real, targeted followers. So, why do you need an arbitrary number that doesn’t indicate performance?

Consider these options;

Which option gives you the most useful information to determine performance?

Don’t be fooled by agencies who offer large networks of bot-generated child accounts which will spam your target audience to achieve results.

We don’t sell per child account because we believe in higher consistency and more efficient growth with higher quality accounts operated manually by our team of VAs.

You will see your network child accounts because they will tag your main account. But we focus on what matters, followers.

We set up and manage accounts manually so we can fully customise everything. You can advise us what target sources to use, what DM to use, what content to use, anything really. Or you can let us manage it completely.

Our team starts with fresh, new accounts dedicated to your campaign. Each account is set up and managed manually on a real phone with only a few accounts per phone. Your personal network of accounts won’t succumb to automation blocks or get banned every week. This enables us to perform more actions, grow your personal network and get better results the longer you are with us. 

Quality over quantity!

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