Your Roadmap to Sustainable Instagram Growth

People say it’s hard to grow on Instagram, but it’s actually not. Well, it’s also not easy. Growing your Instagram is in much easier when you have the right tools at your disposal.

Instagram is one of the go-to business platforms on social media. Influencers, businesses, and brands build their online presence on the platform, essentially building thousands of followers while attracting their dream clients and customers. And, the best thing about this growth is that businesses and influencers really can profit from this.

So, if you’re a starting entrepreneur or influencer on Instagram with enough commitment and love for your business, you can easily reach your first 10k followers in just 3 to 6 months. What you need is the ultimate roadmap to guide your journey on Instagram: the right STRATEGY.

Having the right Instagram growth strategy for you is the first step to reach sustainable growth on the platform. And, this is where most go wrong on their Instagram accounts. Their strategy isn’t focused or achievable, which eventually leads many to give up before they could even succeed.

That’s what you’re here for as Rocket Safari will give you the perfect strategy, your ultimate roadmap to sustainable Instagram growth!

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Get Clear On Your Goals

Clarity destroys confusion.

It’s difficult to move on to another task if you’re still confused with the previous one, right? Being clear with your goals is the most essential thing you need to know. And, this is one of the things most businesses on Instagram aren’t getting right. They are too confused with their goals and keep getting sidetracked with the trends.

Likewise, setting out clear goals and motivations will help your audience to follow along on your journey.

Pick your niche

Once you’re clear with what you want, it’s time to pick your niche and stick to it. Your niche could be based on your interests and skills – the makeup industry, food, traveling, social media growth, web design, real estate, and so on. Just remember to stick with your niche and avoid drifting too far away from it. This helps when targeting your audience.

Optimize your bio

Clarity helps! Especially in keyword searches. In your bio, it is recommended to put the details about what you do, who you want to help, and how you can help. It’s your mission and vision that would help your dream clients find you, so it’s best to get this aligned with what you’re sharing.

Feature your story highlights

Post graphical content about what you do, who you want to help, and how you can help on your Instagram Stories and highlight them in categories.

Or, better yet, introduce your business and tell the story of why you do what you do. This way, followers and potential followers can easily know who and what you are all about, which will inspire them to follow you.

Add valuable content

Get to know where your followers are coming from and what they want, what are their problems and how can you solve them. By understanding your audience, you can easily create content that can add value to them.

For example, are you a dog bed product business? Share valuable information on how to care for your dog along with memes to keep it fun. Don’t just share promotions of your product.

Post consistently

Showing up daily on Instagram offers improved results, especially in terms of engagement.

This is backed by the Instagram algorithm, as it supports active users on the platform. Active by means of having daily feed posts, daily stories, and the like being engaged with. By doing this, it strengthens the connections with your audience and shows your content more often to those who interact with it.

Build trust with your followers

Building trust will help to maintain your followers. Be careful as a business to not come across as too salesy. Or, as an influencer, try not to promote anything to your audience that you wouldn’t use yourself.

The more you show up with valuable content, the more your audience will value what you have to say.

Rank on the Explore page & Hashtags

Focus 80% of your efforts on your content.

As you grow, reaching the Explore page and Top Hashtags really help to reach more people.

Outsource Instagram promotion

How can you focus on all of this while continuing to promote your Instagram account and reach new audiences? Simple, outsource your growth to Rocket Safari.

Our Mother Child Instagram Growth Method service helps to promote your Instagram account externally. You don’t have to perform any actions or give us your login details. Everything is done for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

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