The Best Instagram Strategies to Grow Your Followers

Instagram has become an important platform for influencers, businesses and brands. Effectively using social media marketing strategies for lead generation, traffic, and conversion can have the power to develop influence in your target market.

Essentially, when it comes to Instagram, it can be frustrating to get only a few likes, follows and little engagement. So, how can you increase your Instagram engagement and grow your followers?

We compiled a list of the best Instagram strategies for you to improve your engagement and grow your Instagram followers:

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Create Instagram Reels

With an 80% rise in time spent watching videos year over year, it’s apparent that videos like Instagram Reels are essential for brand content creators and influencers.

Instagram Reels have a lot of promise as they allow you to communicate with your audience while also providing valuable information in a fun, creative way. It’s like TikTok, but on Instagram. And, the best part? It is easy to create and helps you reach more people or help them find your brand!

Considering that this feature knows how to captivate and capture the audience’s attention, make sure that you create a Reel that you can get their attention for the first few seconds.

Post Stories Daily

Instagram Stories are one of the most popular features of the platform, and you should try using them on a daily basis.

There’s a lot you can do with Instagram Stories in terms of creativity. They’re a terrific way to disseminate everything from time-sensitive information to additional user-generated content in a simple, engaging manner. Stories provide a variety of engagement features, such as clickable hashtags and stickers that allow you to answer or ask questions from your followers.

Through the means of posting daily, there would be brand visibility where your followers would be updated to a colorful ring that reconnects them with your brand on a daily basis.

Plan Your Instagram Grid

Your Instagram grid is one of the most significant aspects a new visitor will consider when deciding whether to follow you or not. It is the view that people get when they look at your entire profile at once. And, first impressions are everything!

With more influencers and brands stepping up their game, to make their profiles appear visually appealing from top to bottom when new users visit them. Their posts are recognizable in their grid, as well as in the feed, giving their profile a deliberate and professional appearance.

For example, color schemes for the Instagram grid have a subtle power, and using grids to your advantage with patterns could capture your next potential customer!

Your Instagram Bio

Continuing with significant aspects of your profile to encourage follows from new visitors! Fine-tuning your Instagram bio is an important first step to capturing the right audience.

Even the best Instagram growth methods won’t work if you don’t tell new visitors what to expect and what value you can offer them!

Reciprocate Engagement

Your Instagram engagement is crucial when it comes to planning your content and growth strategy.

Engaging with your audience allows you to form relationships with your followers that increase brand loyalty, and gain more leads and traction that could be converted into paying customers. So, don’t forget to reply to the comments on your posts and DMs!

In addition, posts with a higher level of engagement are often given higher priority by Instagram’s algorithm, giving you a lot more exposure!

Use the Story Stickers

Instagram has a ton of features for a reason, and they want you to use them! Use their fun stickers to encourage your audience to engage with your Stories. There’s a variety of stickers that you can use, such as quiz stickers, to enable them to be educated and learn something they don’t know yet.

There is a poll sticker to let your audience vote on options. The slider sticker that lets your followers rate with emojis.

Additionally, there’s the “DM me” sticker function that encourages conversation and helps your audience share more detailed ideas.

Location and hashtag stickers can even help you reach new audiences by tagging them in your Stories!

Share Posts on Stories

When you post something on Instagram, be sure to share it on your Story as well, so your followers have another opportunity to see that you have a new post. Sharing your post on your story can increase your engagement, especially if you include a call-to-action.

Remove Ghost Followers

Remove ghost followers to successfully increase your engagement rate! The term “ghost follower” refers to a follower who doesn’t interact with any of your content.

If you have a high follower count with only a small percentage of your followers engaging with your account, it’s time to find out if you have ghost followers and potentially remove them.

With that in mind, Rocket Safari offers an account analysis service that delivers a breakdown of your followers and a detailed spreadsheet, which includes your ghost followers!

You can check out this page for more details.

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