The Cheat Code to Having High Views on Your Reels

Instagram is prioritizing video content as it pushes towards becoming a wider, multimedia platform. Taking on the likes of TikTok and YouTube. As a result, your visibility and reach can grow exponentially, resulting in increased engagement and more people following you.

But, it’s not just about posting frequently and hoping one goes viral. There are more ways to promote your Reels to your target audience to get higher views and engagement on your content.

So, how would you do it? Here are some Reel cheat codes to get higher views:

Instagram Reels

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Content Rich, High Value Reels

Valuable content is memorable. And, the more you are remembered for your valuable content, the more likely you get people following you in that niche.

Is a valuable Reel for you funny? Inspiring? Educational? Or all the above?

Whatever you make of your Reel, be sure that it’s something your target audience will resonate with. For example, if you’re a music artist, show behind the scenes of a music video, or a performance. If you’re a fashion blogger, show an unboxing haul. If you’re a photographer, show a tutorial for editing.

The more valuable your content, the more likely your audience will engage with you in the comments, reactions, or better, sharing your content!

Add a Cover Photo

Reel covers are like YouTube thumbnails. You can edit your cover photo for your Reels to encourage more viewers!

With a hooking thumbnail or cover photo, you can easily get a higher click-through rate from those who visit your profile. You can also add a title, so there’s context on what your followers can expect, also making it easier for them to scroll through your feed to find what they like.

Share to Your Stories​

Story views on your Reels count! Increase the views you get on your Reels by posting them in your Instagram Stories.

Bonus tip: share the Reel the following week after it’s posted to give it an extra boost with anyone who wasn’t active!

Use Trending Audio

Try to use trending audio instead of uploading your own. This will increase your reach because similar to hashtags, people like to watch videos using the same audio.

If you can catch an audio just before it goes viral, this will help to boost the views on your content. Using audio that’s already reached its peak might do the opposite, so bear this in mind when choosing the audio for your Reel.

Make Your Reel Easy to Digest

Avoid using text that moves so fast people can’t read it. It’s important for your audience to read the text you inserted, otherwise they might get frustrated.

Moreover, do not make lengthy reels unless the content is valuable enough to keep the viewer’s attention (those that have more than 30 seconds duration). Try to put the most attention grabbing content with the first few seconds to reduce scrolling.

Be Patient

The shelf life of Reels is much longer than any typical post. Reels you posted 2 weeks ago can still rack up views from the explore page and Reels tab.

Don’t worry if a Reel doesn’t do well initially, there could be more to come!

With new features getting released by Instagram, it’s unlocking new ways for you to be seen and to reach more people – whether they’re in your targeted niche or more broadly.