The Instagram Explore Page Guide

One of the best Instagram features to get a high organic reach and following is its Explore page. 

The Instagram Explore page is a curated collection of public photos, videos, Reels, and Stories to help each Instagram user find content, accounts, and hashtags they might be interested in.

Every content recommendation you see in the Explore page is all curated by Instagram’s fine-tuned algorithm. The algorithm based its content curation on the Instagram user activity: posts they engage with, accounts they follow, and the kind of content they like.

So, when you show up on other users’ Instagram Explore pages, it means you get more reach and exposure for your content. But, how do you get on the Explore page?

Hre are 4 tips to help you get on top of the Instagram Explore page and get more reach and followings:

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The Instagram Explore Page Guide

Post Niche Content

Creating and posting engaging content based on your niche can stir Instagram engagement to your account.

Reels are frequently given greater space in the feed and is more engaging when it comes to the Explore page. They play automatically that may make most users curious and click on the Reel to watch it with sound. This makes Reels have advantage over static posts like carousels on the Explore page. 

Just make sure that you do not post Reels with watermarks from other platforms because you will be penalized by Instagram’s algorithm.

On the other hand, visual posts with product tags, carousel layouts, or plain aesthetic images can be equally intriguing. You just have to make sure that they are eye-catching enough to be noticed over a sea of content. And, don’t underestimate the power of engaging captions!

Remember, Instagram engagements are more than just likes and comments. So, best to provide valuable content that people will want to share and/or save.

Have Engaged Followers

The more engaged your Instagram community is, the more likely Instagram will suggest it to your target audience on the Explore page!

Give your audience a chance to engage with your content to establish a good connection with them. In the comment section, DMs, and other active brand channels, start and participate in brand dialogues like having CTAs.

So, better encourage your followers to turn on post alerts so they can get involved right away!

Use Relevant Tags

Including relevant tags to your posts like geotags, account tags, and hashtags can boost your Instagram reach within the Explore page.

It’s important to remember that people use the Instagram Explore page to look for hashtags and locations. If a hashtag piques someone’s interest, they can now follow it. So, choose Instagram hashtags and geotags that are relevant to your content for it to appear on users’ Explore pages looking for it.

Tagging other users’ accounts to your post can also get more reach for you. Whether it’s brand partners (including influencers), or the photographer or illustrator, make sure to tag relevant accounts in your posts.

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Trying out these tips can get you an increase in your account reach. And, prompt followers on your profile to engage with you as more people will discover your videos, posts, and stories on their own Instagram Explore page!