The Instagram Stickers Guide To Boost Instagram Story Engagement

Instagram Stories are an important feature of the platform when it comes to connecting with your audience and increasing your engagement.

It’s simple to upload, watch, connect and build a direct relationship with your followers. And, it allows you to clarify your content, show behind-the-scenes footage, tell a story and strengthen your brand!

But, how can you encourage engagement from your followers and strengthen the connection with your audience? Instagram Story Stickers!

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Quiz Sticker

With a trivia-style question, you can potentially stop people from mindlessly swiping through your stories and boost your Instagram engagement in the process.

This sticker encourages active participation from your audience, since they can choose an answer to the quiz question you shared and get the correct answer.

You can write your prompt at the top of the sticker, followed by the options you want your audience to choose from.

Instagram Quiz Story Stickers
Instagram Quiz Story Stickers

Poll Sticker

Another way to spice up your Instagram Story is by using the poll sticker. This sticker asks your viewers to pick one of two options, helping you to learn more about their interests and preferences.

And, this is the best sticker to use when you want to get feedback for a new idea you shared. You can go with basic “yes” or “no” options and when you want to play “this” or “that” with your viewers!

Instagram Poll Story Stickers

Questions Sticker

The questions sticker is the pinnacle of increasing engagement through Instagram Stories! So long as you can encourage your followers to do so.

With this sticker, your Instagram followers are encouraged to communicate with you in a message sent directly to your DMs, which can be a great way to ignite a conversation and strengthen your connection with them in a more personal way.

An Instagram Story with interesting aspects like these can be a hit with your audience!

Instagram Questions Story Stickers

Mention Sticker

The @mention sticker is essential when you want to tag your friend to feature in your story, tag a brand you’re working with, or tag other people. So, those who are watching your story can easily tap on the sticker to get to the account’s profile.

Moreover, those tagged can easily share the Story with a direct link back to your profile! This can help to expand your reach if the Story is shared with another audience.

Instagram Mention Story Stickers

GIF Sticker

GIFs, unlike the other stickers, do not inspire people who are viewing your Story to do something particular. But, don’t underestimate their power, as it can get someone to stop and pay attention to what you shared – which is ideal for encouraging more engagement.

If it’s relevant to the post, or simply a fun way to grab people’s attention, then use them to improve your Stories!

Instagram GIF Stickers

Hashtag & Location Stickers

Last, but not least! These stickers help you not only to inform your audience, but to reach new audiences as well.

Using these tags will place your Story on these Instagram feeds when people search for the location or hashtag used.

You can use up to 10 hashtags in each Story and don’t forget, you can simply add them as text, even hidden behind other stickers!

Hashtag & Location Stickers
Instagram Location Stickers

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using the same old dull text overlay or just plain photos and videos when posting on your Instagram Stories. Your Stories will be more intriguing and dynamic if you use these stickers, potentially skyrocketing your Instagram engagement!

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