5 Ways to Monetize Your Instagram

If you’re here, it’s likely you’ve already got the gist of your Instagram brand. Growing your follower count. Or even better, you’ve mastered making good use of Instagram’s features like Reels and IG Live. Your Instagram feed is on fire, and your followers are engaged. You’re finally getting the exposure and progress you’ve been striving for!

So, what’s next? You’re now ready to monetize your Instagram following and take it to the next level. But, how do you even monetize your Instagram account?

Fret not as here are 5 easy ways to monetizing your Instagram and get paid by being you:

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Monetize Your Instagram

Become an Affiliate

One of the easiest ways to monetize your Instagram account is to get affiliated with brands you love.

Try getting commissions for selling someone else’s product if you don’t already have your own. Essentially, if you’re a blogger or an influencer, you could promote different products in return for a percentage of sales you generate. This would benefit you in monetizing your Instagram and the brand for getting their products promoted and reaching new audiences.

Host Workshops

The best investment is in yourself! With the skills you have developed, you could set up workshops – online or offline – and sell tickets to your Instagram followers to help them invest in their future.

You could set up a demo workshop on your Instagram Live and upsell to your viewers while giving them a taste of what to expect!

Get IGTV Badges

On the topic of Instagram Lives, it’s what you need to get your IGTV badges. When you go Live with Instagram, you could monetize it with badges.

But, what are badges?

Badges are gifts that your viewers can buy for you to show support during your lives. This feature is available for creators.

Moreover, if you have good performing IGTVs, you can monetize and get paid for it directly through Instagram’s content fund. Why not try going Live or upload entertaining IGTVs and get your account monetized?

Read more about earning with badges.

Sell Digital Products

Another way to monetize your Instagram account is to sell digital products. It could be online guides, templates, or services.

Once you’ve got this setup, all you need to do is market and promote your products to your followers. This is a good way to create a passive income stream.

Sell Physical Products

Aside from digitally, physical products are still a viable way to monetize your Instagram. You could set up your online store to encourage your target audience to visit throughout your content.

Are you a fashion blogger? You could create your own fashion store. Are you a travel blogger? You could sell your own suitcases or passport holders.

This requires a lot more work, but it can be much more profitable than promoting other companies products by becoming an affiliate, and you have full control on what you are endorsing.

How will you be maximizing these ways to monetize your Instagram?

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