Why You Should Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram

In our last blog post, we talked about “How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers”.

But, you might be thinking why?

“I’ve worked hard to gain these followers, why should I remove them?”

There’s many reasons why you should consider doing this. And if you do, the potential upsides are tremendous.

In 2021, it’s not just about how many followers you have. Everyone and their neighbour has Instagram followers in this influencer age. Not everyone has a loyal, highly engaged fanbase.

Remove Ghost Instagram Followers​
Remove Ghost Instagram Followers​

Engagement Is King!

So you’ve got all of these followers. It’s impressive!

But your engagement ratio is causing you to feel embarrassed each time you post.

“Are people going to think I’m a fraud? Will brands want to work with me?”

How Do You Maintain High Engagement?

Let’s say you’ve been using Instagram for 5 years.

It’s very likely one or more of the following things have had a negative impact on your engagement;

The problem is, it is REALLY HARD to figure out who are the ghosts, the inactive followers that just fluff your total follower number.


How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers

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