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To cancel your subscription, please email us at at least 24 hours before your renewal date

We accept payments through Stripe, which we find to be the most secure and cost-effective for both customers worldwide and us. Upon signing up, you’ll create an encrypted payment profile and authorize recurring payments. For purchases exceeding $500 from new customers, we may request a bank transfer.

Agencies or individuals with multiple accounts are eligible for a 10% discounted rate.


It typically takes 3-5 business days to set up a campaign. However, during periods of high demand or for larger campaigns, setup may take up to 10 days. Please note, your first month starts from the first day of actions, ensuring you receive a full 30 days of service.

The promotional accounts will perform the following actions to promote your account:

  1. Follow your target audience
  2. Like posts of your target accounts (helping to warm up the connection)
  3. Authentic AI Comments
  4. Send direct messages to your target audience from our network of accounts
    • A promotional message with a CTA; a recommendation to follow you
    • Share your profile card
  5. Promote your account on Instagram Stories
    • Share your most recent posts
    • Tag your target audience (hidden tags)

To avoid repetitiveness and ensure a smooth user experience, each target account will receive just one direct message before being added to a block-list. Your existing followers will also be included in this block-list during setup, preventing them from receiving redundant messages. This strategy ensures neither your existing audience nor new accounts receive the same message twice.

For a deeper understanding of our approach, you can read more about the Mother Child Method in our blog post.

Using media recognition paired with AI-generated comments, we can now analyze the content of images or videos to understand their context. This allows us to generate authentic, unique, and highly relevant comments.

For example, if a post of a target user shows a slice of pizza, our promotional accounts might comment, “Enjoy your pizza; it looks delicious!” Or, for a beach scene, the comment might be, “The beach looks amazing! Hope you’re soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. 🌊☀️”

A target user will only receive one post-relevant comment from one promotional account, so it won’t appear unusual.

Why Does This Work?

This approach not only elevates the credibility of our accounts but also captures more attention authentically and fosters genuine connections with target users, enhancing the follow-back ratio.

Notable Impact

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Leading to greater overall growth.
  • Personalized Interactions and Improved Engagement: Higher chances of follows and friendly DMs to the client, reinforcing the connection.

No, we don’t require your account password. Our services are designed to prioritize your account’s security and privacy.

Yes, of course! Promoting McDonald’s to vegetarians or an estate agent to travel bloggers is a waste of your money and our effort.

It’s much easier for us to achieve results if we promote your account to Instagram users who care about your content.

We recommend updating your list of target accounts monthly. Coordinate with your account manager or use the onboarding form on to make these changes.

Our strategy of using themed accounts enables us to maintain a vast stockpile of thousands of accounts across popular niches. We are prepared to initiate our services within a week and have the capability to replace accounts on the same day if needed. This approach ensures zero downtime and allows us to maintain a high level of activity for all our clients right from the get-go.

This significantly distinguishes us from our competitors, who typically require a setup duration of one month, often experience downtime issues, and may take weeks to recover.

Our themed accounts are of exceptional quality, providing the most authentic engagement experience in the industry.

Additionally, newly created accounts tend to have limitations on the number of actions they can perform, compared to accounts that have been adequately warmed up. This constraint can slow down the initial month and cause frequent interruptions due to the restrictions placed on new accounts. The accounts we utilize have been properly warmed up and are ready for immediate use, enabling quicker setup and consistent, uninterrupted outreach.

Yes, here.

Also, while we do not share usernames to protect the privacy of our clients, you can see examples of our past growth results here.


Please email for customer and sales support.

Or, contact David on Telegram @socialimpactltd.

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