Frequently asked questions


Anytime. All we ask is to let us know a few days in advance before your renewal date. No hard feelings.

We work exclusively with Stripe. We’ve found Stripe to be the most secure and cost-effective option for both customer and merchant dealing with various currencies.

You will be able to create an encrypted payment profile with us and authorize recurring payments. However, we will never be able to view your complete payment information.

Also, we can invoice up-front in USD, GBP, or EUR.

For larger payments, we may request bank transfer.

  1. Agencies can outsource to us and enjoy up to 10% on secondary accounts. You must have one primary account paying full price, this account is always classed as the highest value account.
  2. All clients can opt for quarterly or bi-annual payments, with reduced rates after the first month.

Mother Child Instagram Growth Method

Yes! You can read more about the Rocket Safari Guarantee here.

It will take around 10 days to set up your campaign. Your first month will start from the first day of actions, so you receive a full 30 days of service.

You will see greater results, the longer you are with us. This is because your private network of accounts will become more influential, and they will be able to perform more actions.

No problem. We’d recommend updating your target sources once a month. You can do so by communicating with your account manager. Or filling out the form on our website.

  1. Follow Your Target Audience
  2. Like Posts of Your Target Audience
  3. Direct Messages (to your target audience when they follow or directly)
  4. Tags in Child Account Bios (helps to streamline the process, some will go directly to the main account)
  5. Sharing Recent Posts in Direct Messages
  6. Sharing Recent Posts in Stories

We will never ask you for your account password. All of our services are designed to not require any access to your account, for the safety of your business.

That is the beauty of the Mother Child Method – we will never require access to your account. Ever.

Your private network will do all the promotion for your account. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on rocket-fuel.

Yes, of course! Promoting McDonald’s to vegetarians or an estate agent to travel bloggers is a waste of your money and our effort.

Each network is created in the exact (or as close to) niche that your main account is in. It’s much easier for us to achieve results if we promote your account to Instagram users who care about your content.


Please email [email protected] for customer and sales support.

Existing clients can utilize live chat on Telegram. Please email us for an invitation to Telegram.