Find Your Ghost Instagram Followers

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If you have a big account but only a small percentage of your followers are actually interacting with your content, it’s like having a sports car… that does not run.

Sure, it looks cool, but when someone wants to take it for a spin, you start pulling out the excuses.

Remove Ghost Instagram Followers​
Remove Ghost Instagram Followers​
Instagram Growth

How to Maintain High Engagement

Let’s say you’ve been using Instagram for 5 years. It’s very likely one or more of the following things have had a negative impact on your engagement:

  • 1000’s of your followers no longer use Instagram or gave up on their blogs or business ideas a long time ago
  • You might have tried high incentivized growth methods such as follow/unfollow or giveaways that delivered you accounts that follow so many users they will never see your posts!
  • Some just are not interested anymore. They followed your account for one reason or another, but today, they just don’t care.

The problem is, it is REALLY HARD to figure out who are the ghosts, the inactive followers that just fluff your total follower number.

Instagram Growth Agency
Instagram Growth Agency

How Does it Work

Engagement is the key to the Instagram algorithm.

And, having ghost followers will impact your engagement rate. Having high Instagram engagements can help you:

  • Grow your account engagement rate
  • Drive traffic to your offers (leading to sales and money in your pocket!)
  • Skyrocket the value of your account (savvy brands pay more for higher engagement, rather than followers)
  • Indicate to the Instagram algorithm that your content is worth sharing!

Let’s be honest, you are growing your Instagram account(s) not just to have something to do, but with a goal in mind. Whatever that goal is, a great relationship with your audience is the only way to get there!

How to Remove Ghost Instagram Followers

Find Your Ghost Followers!

Starting From $40
$ 40
  • No Password Required
  • A List Of Your Followers Who Follow > 3,500 Accounts
  • A List of Your Followers Who Haven’t Posted for More Than 30 Days, and No Public Engagement With Your Profile for More Than 30 Days
  • Two Comprehensive Spreadsheets:
    Including the following data of each user; Name & Username, Bio, Post Count, Total Followers, Total Following, External Link

Frequently Asked Questions

Removing Ghost Followers

Using the Instagram App, search for each user. Remember to input their entire username as many inactive accounts won’t be suggested first! Remove followers as you like.

Follow the same instructions as “Inactive Followers”. However, you can choose to reactivate these followers by liking or commenting on their posts. In the future, Instagram is more likely to show them your posts.

Instead of removing followers, you can try DMing them, offering something and reminding them why they followed you. Maybe you have a new lead magnet you want to share such as a free guide or online course?

Or, you can like and comment on their posts. Hopefully they will return the engagement!

Doing so, will increase the chances of Instagram showing them your posts in the future. This is more likely to happen if they respond by replying to your DM or liking and commenting on your posts which will strengthen the connection. This strategy works best for Mass Followers because Inactive Followers may no longer be using their Instagram accounts.

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