NFT Launchpad

Launch your project with expert growth hacking. Build hype, and increase social proof.

$20 Per Day


Our NFT Twitter accounts will like, retweet, and comment on your Tweets. You can choose a custom ratio for authenticity.

All the NFT accounts have profile pictures (90% have NFT avatars. 10% have random male avatars). High-quality usernames, bios, tweets, and existing followers.

Boost Engagement

Intelligent Replies

Our NFT accounts will reply to your tweets with behavior-changing comments based on keywords.

For example, mention “tag” in your tweet, and the accounts will tag other users. Mention “GM”, and the accounts will comment GM, paired with an authentic comment. Mention “AMA”, and they will ask a question. Mention “Join Discord” and they will comment about Discord. Mention “Metamask”, and they will drop an address.

Intelligent Replies

Reply Tags

If your tweet requests users to tag accounts. The NFT accounts will tag your target audience in the replies with an authentic and randomized comments. You can provide your list of responses, or use our own.

Reply Tags

Targeted Outreach

Our network of NFT accounts will follow and like the tweets of around 5,000 targeted users daily! Your most recent tweet will be retweeted at the top of each profile to maximize the exposure of your project.

As an optional extra, the accounts can also DM your target audience. Mass awareness is the first step to mass adoption!

Targeted Outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be guaranteed full interaction for one tweet per day. For example, 200+ likes, RTs, and comments for the basic plan. If you tweet five times per day, the engagement will be divided by five.

If you share two tweets at the same time, only the latest tweet will be engaged with and pinned tweets will be prioritized.

They are realistic NFT Twitter accounts with bios, tweets, profile pictures, followers, geolocations, and more.

The accounts will engage with your tweets authentically. You can customize the ratios—for example, 100% likes, 70% retweets, and 70% comments.

When you use any keyword from our list, you will receive comments about that topic. For example, mention “GM”, and the accounts will comment GM, paired with an authentic comment. Mention “AMA”, and they will ask a question. Or, include “Join Discord” and they will comment about Discord.

And a unique feature to spread awareness. If you include the keyword “Tag 3 Friends” in your tweet, our NFT accounts will tag 3 accounts (your target audience) under your tweet.